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Do you have some video that you never watch because its too long and 'ahem'...boring? Why not have it edited (you know ...cut out the boring) and make something you want to watch! No longer will you have to fast forward through the 5 minute section of grass, or how about the time you left the camera lens cap on, or you thought you shut the camera off. Or you thought you wanted to video the whole school Christmas pageant, but you wish you didn't. Maybe you have great video, but you want to make a special video that is set to music. A video that highlights your wedding, vacation or other special event. Then you need to send us your video, film or even DVD footage to have it edited to your special wishes

We use the same editing package that many Hollywood movies are edited with - Final Cut Pro. We can even add credits that make you the star...because in your video, you are the star. Contact us and tell us how you want your movie to look.

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