8mm film &16mm film Transfer to DVD

Many have old 8mm film, Super 8mm film and 16mm film that is sitting in a shoe box on the top shelf of a closet. You no longer watch them because they are either in bad shape or the projector no longer works.

Or many have transferred them onto VHS and found that the VHS tape is getting worn out with a loud hissing sound. (Hopefully you saved the original film). VHS allowed you to watch it with out a projector, but it did not preserve the film since VHS wears out quicker then film. The only way to preserve the film is to transfer it to DVD - a digital medium - that can make numerous copies without lossing any quality.

If you have a projector that works, (new bulbs are expensive, IF you can find one) you could video tape the film and copy it to a computer and eventually get it to DVD, IF your projector works, IF you have a computer, IF you have a way to get it on your computer, IF you know how to make a DVD... and the "IF's" go on forever. Even if you manage to put it on DVD, you end up with a image that flickers badly, is dimly lit and off-center.

Or you can have RED CAIRN Digital Media make a nearly perfect transfer to DVD using the latest transfer technology. Choose from realtime chain transfers or frame by frame transfers for the more discriminating customers. Even before the transfer is made, your film is inspected for bad sprocket holes and splices. Repairs are made and the film is cleaned to maximize the quality of the transfer. For the highest quality, ask for a frame by frame transfer that transfers your memories one frame at a time via a computer controlled automated process that optimizes the exposure and color. The film is transferred directly to a hard drive for immediate editing. The best part is you don't have to do anything except contact RED CAIRN Digital Media to create your DVD.

Each DVD can have a custom label with a family picture and descriptive title with its own DVD case and cover. Now you can rest assured that the quality will not diminish over time and a perfect copy can be made at any time.

Email us with your questions 0001@redcairn.com