Film Transfer
Film Type

Real Time

(Chain Transfers)

Frame by Frame
8mm $0.15 per foot $0.26 per foot
Super 8mm $0.15 per foot $0.26 per foot
16mm $0.15 per foot $0.25 per foot

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Invest in your memories.

Would you enjoy your old pictures and video if they were more con- venient to view?

Putting them on DVD with music is not only convenient, its fun!

Preserve your memories.

Enjoy your memories!

Video Format Transfers
1st Hour $16.99

VHS * VHS-C*8mm


Each Additional Hour $10.00
Digital Photo Album
Digital Image to Video $0.45 each  
Slides or Negatives to Video $0.75 each
Photos to Video $1.00 each
Music $7.50 per hour
DVD Authoring Options
Customized Introduction (Title)  
Navigation Menu (10 Chapters)


Additional Chapters (11 or more)

$2.49 each

Background Music

$7.50 per hour (music must be royalty free)

Additional DVD Copies

$15.99 each

Additional VHS Copies

$15.99 each

DVD Insurance

$24.99 (Max of 3 replacements)

Video Encoding/Exporting

$44.00 per hour

Shipping and handling

Varies (actual shipping plus costs)

DVD Label