Pricing Schedule


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DVD included in this price.  Additional copies $15.99 each.


Film Transfers

Real Time (Chain Transfers)

Frame by Frame



$0.12 per foot

$0.25 per foot



$0.14 per foot

$0.25 per foot



Video Format Transfers

1 hour


Each additional hour




Digital Photo Albums

Digital Image to Video

$0.45 each

Slides or Negatives to Video

$0.75 each

Photos to Video

$1.00 each




DVD Authoring Options



Customized Introduction (Title)


Navigation Menu (10 Chapters)


Additional Chapters (If 11 or greater)

$2.49 each

Background Music

$7.50/hr *

Additional DVD Copies

$15.99 each

Additional VHS Copies

$9.99 each

DVD Insurance

$24.99 (Max of 3 replacements

Video Encoding/Exporting

$44.00 /hr

Shipping and handling

Varies (will charge actual shipping + costs)

DVD Label (Not a paper label - printed directly to DVD surface)

$4.99 (1st DVD only - No Charge for additional DVD's purchased @$15.99)

  *  All music copyrights will be honored.  You must own the CD or be royalty free.

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